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Residential Wallpaper

Residential Wallpaper & Paint Services

Wallpaper Installation

Brad and Andy’s Wallcoverings knows that the creative use of wallpapers, murals and even borders can transform any house into a exquisite home. Hiring a professional paper hanger can save time, money and your walls. We work with homeowners and interior designers to provide top notch installation of every type of wallcovering. Attention to detail and quality workmanship is always a top priority.

Wallpaper Installation

At Brad and Andy’s Wallcoverings, we understand that the removal of wallpaper can be difficult and messy, especially if the paper is old or was not properly installed. Once the existing wall coverings are removed, drywall repairs and preparation for new wallpaper or paint can be made if necessary.

Drywall Repairs

Tough as it is, drywall can withstand only limited abuse. A door flung open with too much force can produce a doorknob-size hole in the wall. This kind of damage looks bad, but even large holes are easy to fix.

Wallpaper Repairs

Don’t re-wallpaper that room if you don’t have to. Let us repair the damaged area and save you hundreds of dollars. We repair damage from fire, water, pets and damage from our kids.


Regardless of size or number of panels, our mural installation is unsurpassed. Installation of wall murals based on photographs or other artwork is a complex job. Let a professional handle your artwork so you can spend time enjoying the view instead of struggling to get the panels of the image into perfect position on your walls!


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